The Columbia 400 is the turbocharged version of the 300/350. It was certified under model LC41-550FG and was initially marketed under the Columbia 400 brand which later changed to Cessna 400 then Cessna Corvalis TT (Twin Turbo). It is still in production.

Due to the high service ceiling (FL250), the airframe required a number of rather substantial changes that delayed certification for a number of years. Even though certification work started earlier than for 350, the final certification approval came in a year after the 350, on April 8, 2004. Beyond turbocharging, the main differences include: a larger rudder, no rudder limiter, a tail fin (improves stall recovery at altitude) and higher MTOW.

It has the same MLW and the 300/350 (3420 lbs) and a higher MTOW (3600 lbs) and uses a TCM TSIO-550-C powerplant.