What is it?

The package offers complete system-wide maintenance protection on Cessna Models 172, 182, 206, 208, 350 and 400 for everything from cockpit displays to remote Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), giving you comprehensive protection against unexpected product failures after the standard two-year factory warranty expires.


The extended warranty will provide up to a maximum of five years* coverage from the original aircraft warranty start date.
It will also include the same benefi ts as the original aircraft warranty - parts, labor at the posted shop rate and freight.
Purchase the extended warranty program exclusively through your local Cessna Authorized Service Facility.

  • The extended warranty will be offered as either 1 year parts and labor or 3 years parts and labor. In the case of a limited number of 350/400 series aircraft with a 3 year aircraft warranty, a 2 year extension will be offered.
  • The extended warranty program is transferable in the event of the sale of the aircraft to which it applies.
  • The extended warranty program provides the same benefits as the original warranty – parts, labor at the posted shop rate and freight.
  • The extension encompasses all LRU’s for G1000 equipment.
  • Only in-warranty aircraft are eligible.
  • Once the customer has chosen an extension plan, there is no other opportunity to extend the plan.
  • The program is limited to USA and Canadian aircraft at this time.

How much?

  • 350: $2750 (1yr), $5375 (2yrs), $8125 (3yrs)
  • 400: $2375 (1yr), $4625 (2yrs), $6875 (3yrs)