G1000 is an integrated flight instrument system manufactured by Garmin. The Columbia install consists of one PFD, one MFD, an audio panel and a panel-mounted keyboard for data input.

Cockpit layout

G1000 cockpit layout
G1000 cockpit layout

Block diagram


Primary Flight Display

Also known as PFD, the Primary Flight Display shows the basic instruments (altimeter, etc.), CDI and a few other things like the mini-map. The underlying device (ie. the display itself) is known in Garmin's nomenclature as a GDU. The unit itself is actually intechangeable between the PFD and MFD positions and functionality is enabled/disabled based on the wiring diagram. In other words, the G1000 software itself auto-detects which GDU becomes PFD based on how the GDU is wired up.

Columbia install uses GDU-1040 for the PFD and the primary/only difference is the lack of autopilot control buttons on the left side of the display.