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  1. page Checklists edited ... 350 G1000 checklist {Cessna350.ace} 400 G1000 checklist {Cessna400.ace} ... scoop is: …
    350 G1000 checklist {Cessna350.ace}
    400 G1000 checklist {Cessna400.ace}
    scoop is:
    copy file on an SD card
    apply same way as NavData (MFD only. Upper slot).
    Craig: Print on paper front to back, fold it over and that is all you need to safely operate the airplane, will fit in the side pocket too. This is the checklist the FAA approved for our 135 operation.
    {MAG C400 Checklist.doc}
    Foreflight Checklist
    Here is the standard Columbia 400 (with G1000) checklist, including Normal, Abnormal, and Emergency Procedures from the POH, as a Foreflight checklist. For info on adding it to your Foreflight, see
    {Columbia 400 G1000.fmd}

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